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  1. lenahc says:

    yessss!!! xx

  2. Jenn says:

    Sooooooo hot! Killer girls.

  3. modelizer says:

    gorgeous art direction.

  4. modeljunkie says:

    mengmeng ona and adrianna! wow.


    me encanta cristina

  6. innovatorm says:

    Strong fresh n sexy new faces that I have not seen before. Nice.

  7. sebastian says:

    WOW! Amazing!

  8. Ed Maximus says:

    One of the best show packages for this season. As always, An Le’s work is impeccable.

  9. rabin thapa says:


  10. Plum Mascara says:

    I like the way of shooting but at least half of girls look so anorexic

  11. fashionlover says:


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