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  1. FF says:

    OH SO COCO!!!!!!!!!!!! Georgeus.

  2. Edison says:

    Love the T-shirt

  3. YeohRocks says:


  4. Nam Ale says:

    Amazing models and design!!!

  5. Sofresh says:

    Such a strong package SOO JOO + MANON + ELISABETH + CINDY + AVA + COCO. Plus an amazing concept -#AreYouFollowingMe

  6. Carolina says:

    Best show package by far! Amazing design and great girls. How very lucky the very few to receive the Willy swag!!!

  7. Cris says:

    That girl Manuela is absolutely stunning!

  8. Prince says:

    The GIF is super cute! Willy always does a great job with the presentation of their show packages. Loving the IMAGE board at this agency!

  9. Bj says:

    Manuela!!! I’m so proud of you!!!

  10. Maddy says:

    Love it. Love it diversity

  11. MiketotheB says:

    Loving Coco and Elisabeth! Of course s Big shout out to my hometown Girl Manuela!!

  12. ebencipe says:

    I died!!!! MANUELA BASILIO!!!!! Go kill it girl!!! In the absence of the FORD SMOTW FIlipina winners comes Manuela! #filipinopride


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