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  1. Sophia says:

    She Looks Amazing !

    She’s originally from Angola. She began her modeling career after being spotted by the talent scouts of DuneModels, a new model agency with the eye for spotting new faces, and after placed with One in New York.

    What a face ! The most beautiful women are from Angola !!!!!

  2. modelizer says:

    doug. kai. betty. claudia. nadia. wow, what a line-up – kudos! but where is nida k?

  3. Janine D says:

    Great art direction as always and pretty girls!

  4. Joseph says:


  5. Nicole says:

    love love love this whole package concept!! beautiful line up

  6. Prince says:

    Very interested in Theolanda beautiful girl and interesting name.. Immediately grasped my attention. Love the package this season! Great job!

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