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Next Paris (Paris) Couture Spring 2014 Showpackage

Presentation Next Models

Anna Martynova



Dani Witt

Estella Brons

Esther Heesch

Hedvig Palm

Holly Rose

Iris Van Berne

Jessica Le Bleis

Kate B

Kayley Chabot

Lera Tribel

Lida Fox

Magda Laguinge

Maja Salamon

Maria Locks

Nadja Giramata

Ola Rudnicka

Pauline Van Der Cruysse

Sabrina Ioffreda


Tanya K

Zuzanna Bijoch

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  1. Rod says:

    Amazing girls!! Love Jessica and Zuzanna!

  2. Anna V says:

    Love Maria Loks
    Love Ola Rudnicka
    Love Maja !
    (l) Polish Models !!

  3. okiki says:

    how can i join the modelling

  4. Elise says:

    Awesome selection !!!

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