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  1. Matsu says:

    Meng Qing has a showcard too!

  2. miguel says:

    I like Antonina, Vika, Mijo, Senait, Carla.

  3. First Casting Director says:

    Impressive package: Very Clean, Lot’s Of Original Models, I love the killer Catwalkers like Joan Smalls, Karlie Kloss, Jac & Tilda and their new face Maggie Laine, she looks like a really good choice, very strong look.

  4. andres says:

    antonina, yumi, maggie, robin.

  5. Steven says:

    Rooting for , Vika, Mijo & Maggie Laine, I hope these girls do well this season.

  6. Nimue says:

    Oh, no Montana? That is a shame, such a striking face that girl has.

  7. Cany says:

    Samantha Gradoville <3 !

  8. cally says:

    Robin <3

  9. lance says:

    I love Amanda Wellsh and Maggie Lane – great package !

  10. and says:

    robin & yumi

  11. ivan says:

    yumi lamber love

  12. nima says:

    Amanda, Andreea, Karmen, Yumi.

  13. Minkas says:

    Love that they opened the cards with a black girl this season.

  14. Dave says:

    I love new face Robin

  15. Noah says:

    Vika, Nouk and Robin<3!

  16. Marvin says:

    Robin and Isabella

  17. Melany says:

    i love new face Robin

  18. adam says:

    Looking forward to Anouk Torsing. but goodness gracious what a package, it’s huge!

  19. Tamris says:


  20. Joe says:

    I’m not interested in seeing many new faces this season. I do however want to see alot from girls like Jac, Frida, Karmen, Joan, Andreea, etc. Theres been an over dose of new girls the last few seasons and now it’s just boring

  21. miguel says:

    Joe, please shut up. The fashion needs renovation urgently, some things bored us.

  22. Bruno Maric says:

    I’d seen some stuff of her before but was disinterested. Getting work/images outside of Chicago has obviously benefited her of late. Dana caught my eye. Hope she does well.

  23. ChaCha says:

    exciting see Chanel portfolio among this girls…hope she’s doing great this season.

  24. ebencipe says:

    No wonder IMG is the numero UNO agency in NY.. They have the best runway girls – Andreea D, Joan, Zuri and Sissi. Fatima is such stunning! Glad she broke out of her ANTM stigma.. By the way, Montana Cox seems to skip NYFW since she was signed with IMG..


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