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  1. Hortense says:

    Missing Johann’s Mapaga girls: Colinne Michaelis, Morgane Warnier, Caroline Schurch and Mariane Brival (who was stunning last season @ JPG)…

    I hope to see a lot of Queen Selezneva during the week and maybe Carmen at Isabel Marant?

    Very nice show package by the way, who is it by?

  2. Zoe says:

    Like this show package, it’s nice to see Silent do something different than their usual cards. Great group of girls as always! Alix looks like a special girl, can’t wait to see where she debuts!

  3. lucy says:

    Can somebody please tell me who’s the model Saara?
    She’s gorgeous!

  4. A.B. says:

    @ Lucy:
    Saara Sihvonen from Finland ;)

  5. lucy says:

    Thanks! Those eyes are really somethin’.

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