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  1. ben and zie says:

    We enjoyed shooting Irina; saw Melodie yesterday she looked lovely as ever. This is a an amazing package!

  2. kitkat says:

    Chant with me!

    Fei Fei! Fei Fei! Fei Fei! Fei Fei! Fei Fei!

    Goooooo Fei Fei!!!!!!!

    I want this to be the year of Fei Fei!!!!!!!!

  3. jago says:

    Zooooooooooooo is the best!!!!!!!! <3

  4. Liz says:

    Fei Fei looks great! Cheers to you!!
    Cara. What is going on with your cheekbones? Please go back to the softer side of the runway.
    Xoxox either way though.

  5. miguel says:

    Amra, a bit of freh air…relief!

  6. Bun says:

    Very happy to see Fei Fei on the showcard. Wishing her making a strong come back after the Italian Vogue cover.

    Anyone notice that it’s strange models.com haven’t make any update on top 50 ranking? Last update was September 1. It’s been centuries.

  7. tito says:

    she is not fei fei sun! li xiao xing she Elite Model Look finalist in 2011

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