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  1. ChrisTrini says:

    Tsheca!such a great girl loved shooting this photo!

  2. ErikB says:

    Wow! Gorgeous pack. Beautiful opener too with Brittney. Stellar, stellar, stellar!

  3. Jay says:

    Package looks super slick!
    Brittney — You rock.

  4. Stephanie Gardner says:

    What a fantastic looking group of women and men!! Mary Kate is precious!!!

  5. Allie Gardner says:

    Love this group of models and this agency!! The best!!

  6. Brian says:

    I’ll take a britney. one waris, and a side of samuel please.

  7. Susan Kaleta says:

    Great Show package….love the look of Brittney

  8. Leslie Rivas says:


  9. Ryo says:

    Supporting the stellar Jamaicans Chantel & Tsheca. Bonne chance les filles!

  10. Olivia says:

    I second Brian.
    Beauties! Such a great show package!!

  11. Love says:

    Brilliant package.. great to see an authentic entry of faces without the remakes of bland Moss-alikes!!

  12. Glen says:

    LOVE IT !! GO MIX!

  13. scout says:

    Much more commercial than I thought this agency would be. Best of luck to them.

  14. Dany says:

    Veronica Webb! <3

  15. kitkat says:

    Yes! Tsheca is a golden girl!

    Very nice show package. Not gimmicky like other agencies. Simple, clean, chic.

  16. Pearl says:

    Hmmm? Mix Management? The new kids on the block? Maybe they are as the agency is new to the NYC market BUT MIX has a management pedigree that will rival all other agencies. If you look at the names behind this agency (the agents) you will see sheer and utter ‘A PLUS’ experience, success, class and a savvy that will be hard to beat. I know a lot of jealous competitors will put them down but MIX has one of the most connected, knowledgeable, experienced and skillful teams in the world. There is just a handful of agencies that can match their combined history. As for the “Show package” it’s very good but “Show packages” just last a few weeks until the “Shows” are over, MIX IMO will be around a helluvu a lot longer, if you get my drift. MIX are the new cool shop and will become a force sooner than you think…They will as EVERYONE is talking.

  17. Ryan Jordan says:



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