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  1. ebencipe says:

    Tehey Monty is doing F/W NYFW.. =)

  2. Matsu says:

    Meng Qing!!! :D Ecstatic to see her in it! ^_^

  3. Rebecca says:

    No Vanessa Hegelmaier?? So sad about this!

  4. bamboo banga says:

    Where is Karolijn Zomer??!!
    She’s prob the strongest girl that they have. She’s amazing.

  5. legz says:

    different pkg for IMG…it’s cute

  6. Joel says:

    OMG where is Joan Smalls?????

  7. fashioncop says:

    IMG is great, so great they dont have to even put 1/4 of the top gals in the package…
    It must be nice to sit on top.

  8. Joe says:

    Xiao Wen Ju looks so cute in her photo!!! Dying . Also , Frida looks so supermodel in her card!

  9. lance says:

    Nathalia O is amazing !!! Love her Jil Sander campaign

  10. jonathan says:

    No Sasha Pivovarova. When will she comeback to runway? :(

  11. Lainey says:

    Where is Joan Smalls??? I guess she can afford to be more selective – the life of a supermodel. Hope we see her in top shoes and in Europe!

  12. Ellim G says:


  13. fashionInsider says:

    I think we’ll see Joan no matter what. um she’s #1 in the world of course she has to be more selective this season

  14. Bun says:

    IMG has the best show package this season. Beautiful presentation for the girls. Xiao is adorable. Wishing her a strong season.

  15. ebencipe says:

    Ni Fatima Siad? Show package is simple and attractive =).

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