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  1. UNBIASED says:

    Bianca Gomezs picture is like 6 years old ?

  2. Vincent says:

    Katarzyna! From ANTM to Paris! Let’s hope she gets some work!

  3. shhhh says:

    SHHHH don’t let the fashion industry hear! Her name is Kat Doll and she’s NEVER been on a crazy tv show hosted by crazy tyra.

  4. poni says:

    stephanie carta!!! <3
    agnete is in ford paris?
    ford in paris is a agency with a heart

  5. Charlotte says:

    they spelled a lot of names wrong… edythe hugues? stephani carta?

  6. modelapron says:

    shaina was gorgeous at chado. let’s hope paris takes note!

  7. anen says:

    Bianca Gomez is in!!! I haven’t heard of her for a while I hope she does well in Paris

  8. KILLER says:

    Shaina Danziger most chic this season

  9. Ryo says:

    Jeneil’s with Ford (Paris)?! Wow I never knew that. :)

  10. L says:


  11. NICE says:

    I didn’t realize Bianca Gomez was doing Paris this season. Gorgeous wish her all the best

  12. Ali G says:

    Jeneil is going to balze up the catwalk!!!

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