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Empire’s show package is chock full of boys and girls worth getting to know. Their finely edited roster of appealing faces is sure to be appealing to any casting directors looking for the next big thing.

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Alina Rock


Ashley Chontos

Cassi Rose

Ivory Rose

Lauren C



Brandon Fox



Matt Kemp


Miles Miller

Nick Jakola

Nick Palmer

Roman Sugatov

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» View all Agencies Show Packages here

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  1. Ryan D. says:

    Empire Rocks

  2. Thom Solo says:

    I took that! Loving it. Good team work miles

  3. Ashley says:

    Um…Roman looks great!!! Not really feeling the cards. No actual concept. And the other guys are not looking their best.

  4. Surraya Starr says:

    Alina is a doll, Matt rocks!! Empire has a good thing going.

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