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  1. mimi says:

    no Anna Maria U? :=(

  2. ROBIN TACKER says:

    I must say that DNA has alot going on in that office these days. They got Kristen on their board now.. Adding one more legend and their new faces are great especially that Rosie. Here I thought they were done when Louie left that agency. Go Denisa… Bette

  3. kamile. says:

    no Giedre showcard? :s

  4. G.S. says:

    no elise :(

  5. rider says:

    lots of dna girls on lacroix show.
    well, elsa is amazing as well as sara!!! go sweden!

  6. little miss fussy says:



    In my opinion this is the most effective show pack out there…
    proving that when you represent the best, you don’t have to try too hard or use “gimmicks” to get attention. Simply beautiful.

  8. Model Whispers says:

    To Kamile, Giedre is with New York Models and she has a showcard, dont worry.

  9. suvusu says:

    tara….edita….elsa…golden board. i don’t think they lost they’re touch. oh and did Ali Michael leave?

  10. james says:

    no Ajuma? this seems to be a very white package!!

  11. Fashion_Sam says:

    Dear James, did you not see Oluchi in the show package? It’s one of the most beautiful cards there.

    Ali rules! She’s still with DNA.

  12. Lee says:

    Even with Rosie being 5 ‘8″, she should have a sweet look for the runway.

    DNA has pristine superb girls

  13. Max says:

    Oluchi and Raquel!! Where is Natalia, Adriana, Karolina, and Doutzen?! No show season? I know Adriana doesn’t usually do shows but Natalia used to do it and Doutzen also. Karolina, I know there’s a big dispute going on about her weight but geez…this is it? Bummer.

  14. Thomas says:

    A true showcase.

  15. Natalia says:

    Yes Rosie! It’s so nice to see a 5’8″ girl walk the runway – it gives hope to the other ‘short’ models out there that runway is still entirely possible!
    And Max, I know how you feel I wish those girls were still doing the shows however I know for fact Douzten and Karolina are too big for the shows. They have curvier bodies hence the reason being why they are VS girls. Doutzen has always said she had bigger thighs than the rest of the girls and Karolina, despite the constant dispute over her weight, still loves her body regardless. It would be great to see these girls in the shows but as long as they are happy with themselves than we should be happy for them. :)
    Overall, I love DNA’s show package and DNA, in my books, is definitely one of the top 5 if not, top 3 agencies in all of NY. What a board!!

  16. OLGA says:


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