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  1. kuzya says:

    love Valeria from new faces, Toni and Katrin!

  2. photorama says:

    Great…. simple but very elengant…. and I see they put so many Meisel photos

  3. MaoaM says:

    Christina Cruse rocks!

  4. francesca says:

    isabeli is impressive as usual

  5. Alexandra says:


  6. annie says:

    GOD! if i worked at another NY agency, I would throw my hands up in despair at this… talk about dominant!

  7. louella says:

    love all the older girls!

  8. blablabla says:

    how CURIOUS
    i thought agyness was like 5’8 or something
    NOT 5’10.

  9. Tyler says:

    jourdan, shannan, natasha, agyness, carmen….couldn’t get much better.

  10. Eamon says:

    Wow, so many amazing models.

    Anne V, Hannelore, Joudan, Olga, Jamie & Georgina!

  11. ashley says:

    Some of the girls that end up in Women’s show packages are predictable. Now the new faces are looking good. Especially GINTA!!!!

  12. Robin Tacker says:

    This show package looks great.. I do agree that they have some good girls. we shall wait and see what agency will win this show season..

  13. james says:

    good to see Heather!!

    why she hasn’t been on the scene lately is beyond me.
    really hope she does well this season. there isn’t a model who walks like her. she’s absolute class.

  14. SHEILA says:

    best models…. :)

  15. rider says:

    very good obseravtion annie. gray, but still good, because of meisel photo domination. i would however love to see more new faces. do they take risk? yes, ginta is amazing.

  16. tom tom says:

    Amazing selection of top girls but my question is.. they have been able to sign all these amazing top girls but do they have the agents to manage them all ?

  17. Marco Negry says:


    Its great,,,


    acess… http://www.famousintown.blogspot.com

    the models.com from brazil…


    VANESSA ROSSETO IN MUMBAI… acess and letter

  18. MDC_367599 says:

    They’re all equally beautiful.

  19. Hill says:

    Women, has taken over! By far the very best selection of girls. The other agencies can’t compete. Almost every girl is a mega star or star in the making. No other agency this minute has a more exclusive and impressive board than Women.

  20. suvssv says:

    this is bar far the most astonishing agency at the moment. i mean every other agency is a laughing stock compared to this. incredible. they’ve stolen the most blue chip girls from every other agency and left them in the dust. I have to give this agency a standing ovation.

  21. Er Jentapa says:

    fabulous! all star package!

  22. Talita says:

    Amazing models!!! Natasha Poly,Isabelli Fontana and Valeria Sokolova are my favorite girls here!

  23. james says:

    It really is amazing, the amount of girls they have.

    can’t imagine how everyone else feels looking at this.
    how can anyone compete with women?
    this year, there will be agencies flopping like crazy!

  24. anonymous says:

    KATARINA IVANOVSKA? why isnt she been in the packages?

  25. BoBo Huynh says:

    Heather, I love you! Welcome back ! Miss you so much!

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