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The new Major package for FW 09 has already garnered this resilient agency a huge client response. Maybe it is the honesty of the optimism in encasing this package of girls with the artwork of Brad Fisher. Harnessing the faux/naive brushwork of this artist/activist turned out to be perfect framework for the agency’s best body of newcomers ever. OTM adores the super-sleek Sofia, but watch out for late breaking forces like Ernesta, Francis and Zenia. With proven catwalk commodities like Lee and Sessilee bolstering the proposition, brace yourself for what could be a huge leap for Major Women this season. Which just goes to prove that when you work from the heart with passion and integrity, great things can happen.

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Aleksandra Dubrovskaya

Alise Willis

Bianca Golden

Edsa Ramirez

Eligha Ojoko

Elle Muliarchyck

Ernesta Petkeviciute

Francis Martin

Holland Stevens

Jae Brickman

Kacie Schiffer

Katerina Smutok

Lauren Hinner


Marharyta Karatchayeva

Mariana Coldebella

Marina Tarakhovic

Masha Alekhina

Nataliya Belyakova

Ralisa Oprea

Sessilee Lopez

Sofia Bartos

Svetlana Ovyannikova

Tereza Janakova

Tianna Peters

Vika Costa

Zenia Sevastyanova

Zhanna Havenko

Cover 1

Cover 2

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  1. donewithMDC says:

    Yayyyyyy, My girl Seesilee!

  2. candie-o says:

    What a creative show package. I love the covers!!!!

  3. Catherine says:

    awe where Daniela? =[

  4. SAF says:

    Apparently, Daniela will only be doing Milan and Paris this season.

  5. frank says:

    so sad that Daniela didnt get a show card this season . I heard that she was not doing any shows at all this season . not even paris or milan :(

  6. ashley says:

    There’s a new b&$%@ taking over!!! SESSILEE!!!!!!

  7. arsenij says:

    What a surprise to see Elle Muliarchyk (correct spelling actually). She’s more known as Guerrilla artist/photographer now, but obviously she’s fallen to her vanity and doing shows! “Beauty will be yours!”

  8. j. says:

    lisa have no show card.?

  9. Daniel says:

    …..I don’t know any of these girls. except for SESSILEE!!! I love her. Its great to see some new fresh skin hit the board. Dominicans are taking over. And its about time. If I see or hear about one more Brazilian I’m going to go nuts. Yes, they are beautiful but there are a variety of beauty in the world. Girls from a latin background are going to be the next best thing in this new generation of the modeling industry. Sessilee and Arlenis are kicking a%# and proof of that. They have book many great campaigns, shot with Meisel in Italian Vogue, and had booked the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in 08′. Many accomplishments all within a short period of time. Not many new faces can do that. Love Sessilee!!

  10. anen87 says:

    instead of Edsa Ramirez it should have gone to Daniela Cosio

  11. Er Jentapa says:

    im so happy for Bianca Golden!

  12. as says:

    You did mistake..Ernesta Petkeviciute not Ernesta Ptkeviciute… Sėkmės mergyt.

  13. Quinnette says:

    I love seeing my best friend Alise Willis doin her thangggg!!!!! shots out love you girlie you look fab!

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