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February 4th, 2009 by Janelle | Model News
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There are supermodels and then there are full fledged industry legends. Kristen McMenamy‘s unforgettable face and renowned personality have earned her a place in modeling history. Now the seasoned veteran makes the move to DNA Models bringing her inimitable allure with her. With show season fast approaching the rush to snag Kristen for those coveted catwalk slots is sure to be exciting.

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  1. mark says:

    Their is a point when a person says to one self modeling is great, but now it
    is time for a real career. I say, Kristen show them you are what legends are made of.
    But, please not the runway this season or any other season. leave it up to the little ones.

  2. trumancapote says:


  3. Takamora says:


    You’re an asshole Mcmenamy is a runway legend, a diva, a genius – not so much leave it to the “little ones” but show the little ones how it’s done.

    Viva Kristine!

  4. MaoaM says:

    Super headline: Natural Selection :)

    I appreciate it, when the Language science is crossing interdisciplinary with other sciences. In this case: Evolution Biology ;) Keep the very intelligent but so easy-to-read way in writing the text.

  5. Michael says:

    LOVE The return of the big guns… model legends…and what better season to do it than the season that Vogue has chosen to dedicate an issue to the Model as muse…brilliant timing really

  6. Gustavo says:

    Back in the nineties when we didnt have the sexually explicit ads from Tom Ford at Gucci, Nadja Auermann and Kristen were stars in the Gianni Versace campaigns! I love every inch of Kristen´s body, her acid comments and her unique personality! Actually i was watching a video from Anna Sui SS95 i guess, and Kristen ROCKED the runway!
    All eyes are on YOU girl!

  7. mark says:

    I have to defend myself. Takamora, I am not arguing that Ms. Mcmenany is not a runway legend. I love her!!!!!!
    I think Linda Evangelista is as well, but she know when the time was up to pass that crown. I just feel that
    Kirsten should do the same. The last break out moment for her at the Marc Jacobs left me wondering.

  8. ryan colby says:

    kristen is a LEGEND. some girls WISH they could pull of some of her iconic images these days

  9. ryder says:

    timing is everything

  10. MaoaM says:

    She represents the sexy and androgenous look as Karen Elson does. Chameleon-like and very succesful!

  11. Baby Clyde says:


  12. Matthew X says:

    Shalom too. WOW

  13. Anna Wintour says:

    MaoaM, I assume English isn’t your first language.

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