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  1. Aphila says:


  2. michael says:

    where is tom n.? where is adrian w.? i saw them a lot during paris and milano fashion week with cole

  3. dru says:

    arthur <3!

  4. sallythat girl says:

    ..i can truely say, that team works hard and they make there models. Bravo!!!

  5. suzie says:

    Hakan is Amazing!!!. Elegant, looks the whole deal. Just saw him in wwwd for Ralph Lauren.

  6. rocksana says:

    WOW!!! David V is sexy!!!

  7. izak says:

    isn’t Iso from Request too?
    where is Iso’s card??

  8. Cole says:

    David V. is looking scrumptious. He’s sure to make a splash at Fashion Week. I’m not really into any of the other guys..they all look like other famous male models or just have weird haircuts.

  9. roxy says:

    Cole: They are famous models. Just look at all the top magazines and shows!!!!!

  10. swain says:

    arthur=definition of a male model and man

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