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One thing that will never go out of fashion is the solid gold appeal of Next’s top male models. Jamie Strachan, Bill Gentle, Michael Camiloto and Vincent Lacrocq have proven themselves time and again that they will move the product. Darrell Walden (fresh off his Hermes and Thierry Mugler showings in Paris), Jonatan Frenk, Garrett Smith, Jordan Nichols and Patrick Day are some new rising stars that are must sees.

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Allen Tsai

Andy Kachel

Ariel Collins

Ben Elliott

Ben Kohl

Bill Gentle

Bob Ter Horst

Darrell Walden

Emilio Poncheri

Garrett Smith

Jamie Strachan

Joao Silva

John Senner

Jonatan Frenk

Jon Paul

Jordan Nichols

Justin Taylor

Martin Landgreve

Matthew Cowhey

Matthew Krause

Matt White

Michael Camiloto

Michael Fulfree

Patrick Day

Raymond Irving

Romain Pavee

Ryan Mertz


Stefan Walker

Theo Delmontiel

Vincent Lacrocq

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  1. postman says:

    Nice for Darrell. He will do much better

  2. JT says:

    Joao Silva is stunning!!

  3. Gerard says:

    Love the new look of this package!! NEXT’s So Fresh, especially with new guys like Matt White….Love him!!!!!!!!

  4. ag says:

    Garrett Smith is AMAZING!!!

  5. rocksana says:

    Justin Taylor is SWEET!!! THE BEST!!!

  6. les says:

    Garrett Smith!!!!! best new face

  7. Joromia says:

    im loving matt white

  8. wentzville says:

    yay! go ryan mertz! you are so presh!

  9. kimberly says:

    Matt White, a hot name for a total hottie! LOVING his look!

  10. UD says:

    Ryan Mertz: Has the look. No wonder he dates the cutest cheerleader. Go Ryan!

  11. felipe tamegao says:

    cada dia mais lindo! :D saudades!

  12. felipe tamegao says:

    joao cada dia mais lindo! :D

  13. flora says:

    matthew krause! he’s drop-dead gorgeous!!

  14. Scorbelli says:

    Interview with Jamie Strachan on CoverMen Mag!


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