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  1. !! says:

    these are great! the cards, the men!
    tho a few great faces are missing like dylan and andrew smith? i wonder why

  2. green says:

    DAAMMNN I didn’t know marcus Lloyd switched to DNA??

  3. Robin Tacker says:

    They in my eyes are the best to do it… There guys are so great every season.. I must say the lack of color on this board is a little shocking….

  4. Leah T says:

    I can stare at this picture forever and still be amazed! Perfection!

  5. Frog Pad says:

    Andrew Smith is not in town he is working in Europa Europa.
    As for Dylan i saw him at castings.

  6. DomJenkins says:

    WTF???!!!! When did Marcus go to DNA?

  7. Thom says:

    Board looks great!!!! sure you will have a great year DNA… Got to Love Nils!!!

  8. Daniel says:

    Let’s get serious, we all know the best model here is Eddie!!! He’s amazing and has such a great client list. Love him. As for new faces, I like Franco!

  9. jasoninpa10 says:

    I like Conrad.

  10. Frog Pad says:

    Have to admit the DNA roster is awesome. The cards are hot. My favorite upcoming new face is to many to say.

  11. denvillegirl says:

    Doug B – good luck!

  12. Parker Pembroke-Lloyd says:

    …my fave, Mat Gordon, Matt Loewen and Toms Birkavs, no doubt.
    Up to the highest standards always.

  13. molly says:

    When is this fashion week going to be?

    I’m looking froward to seeing Toms (Birkavs) !

  14. envymeee says:

    this is the Numero homme korea cover! i surprised that this cover is wonderful !!!!

  15. deleon says:

    muy guapo

  16. kler says:

    I like Matt Gordon!!

  17. sophie says:

    david is the best
    glad our englishman is there!

  18. Didi says:

    I wonder why there`s such little news about mat gordon these days, is he working in europe also? The cards do look great

  19. narmin says:

    Mat G is the best …… !

  20. Sarah says:

    Mat Gordon is the best model EVER

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