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  1. hilo says:

    alexandra WOW never seen that kind of face in a fashion mag but to many time in malls the fashion future is there!!!! go for it chic

  2. ryder says:

    anouk and kendra!!!
    but last ss show cards were much better.
    this ss hot color on show cards is grey???

  3. Carrie T. says:

    Yuliana’s back She was my favorite girl!
    She rocked at the Marc Jacobs show a few seasons back!
    Cant wait to see her at the shows again.

  4. Ruth says:

    too many “ford”s for me!

  5. jj says:

    amazingggggg- for me, the best package yet- cant wait to see more of ania, barbora, anouk, and of course my fave LAKSHMIIIIIIIIII

  6. Dani says:

    too many? i disagree, love fresh faces in fashion!

  7. Elle says:

    Lakshmi, my heart…

  8. fashionguy says:

    I cant believe they didnt do a show card for Samira! She is a fierce Afro-brazilian model who has walked for some great shows! The more things change the more things stay the same!

  9. Marco says:

    amazzzzzing Yuliana.
    she used to bring so much energy to the backstage and shows.
    So happy to see her back. yaaaaah
    Fords packing punches, Flavia, Jessiann, Barbora, Lakshmi, Yuliana!!!
    This is GREAT!!

  10. Vinicius says:

    Viva Carol :D

  11. Patty says:

    I agree, what a killer bunch of models.
    Ford is really making a mark once again. Edgy and hot new talent + some veterans
    my favs veterans are: Chanel, Jessiann, Flavia, and of course Lakshmi!!!
    The super new talent Kendra and Yuliana are gonna rock the shows

  12. Eric_Gabriel says:

    So Camilla and Nataliya are out? Are they still modelling? A four year shelf life doesn’t a supermodel make. Supermodels should still be on the game until they’re in their late 20s/early 30s otherwise, please don’t call them supermodels. That terms is used so blithely these days, it has lost its real meaning.

  13. Liv says:

    They have a lot of great faces atm, but perhaps it’d be wiser to focus on a smaller selection of girls whom they really, really believe in. I mean, their women’s board expands by about three new girls a week…

    Definitely looking out for Laine and Carolina Thaler. And with the current climate, I think Amparo could be a surprise success…

  14. Charlotte says:

    Great range of girls, but its such a sea of new faces, Ford is lacking real stars (minus Chanel), I think they have another one (or more..) in the making in this bunch, lets just see if they can keep em this time..

  15. Nadia says:

    I love Amparo Bonmati!!

  16. Toni K says:

    If Laine Rogova is just ready, she should shine. A bit too ‘safe’ package, hard to remember faces after seeing all. Ford stands for long lasting beauty, which is good, but I’d love to see more personality coming out even in just 1-2 pictures of the girls.

  17. SHEILA says:

    Woww AMPARO BONMATI in NY! i cant wait

  18. Gerard says:

    They are IT!!!!!!!!!! FORD sits on top, classic forever~ Recession proof :)

  19. bradley says:

    the b/w is such chic way to show how beautiful the girls are. i think i saw that girl jeanne on the street and she is one of my bets for a breakout! great to see so many great girls from Ford

  20. Alan Nunes says:

    I love Martha Carolina and Martha!!!

  21. Pau says:

    Wow, i love Amparo Bomnati!!! What a face!! who is she?

  22. Nancy says:

    What an amazing group of girls. I wish I was with Ford.

  23. analise says:

    all the girls are amazing but I must say jeanne is a star she is compleatly unique and stunning!! Can’t wait to see what shows cast this beauty

  24. Bj says:

    Wow!!! Ford has the best girls this season!!!

  25. Cleó says:

    Yes, the best girls!! I love Hana Jirickova, and i don’t know ho’s Amparo Bonmati, but she seems really really pretty and good!!

  26. JT says:

    Jill Bauwens is their best girl!! I love her and she has great style!!! I think she’s Belgian??

  27. Elle says:

    wait, why arent we talking about Kendra? the girl is going to be a STAR!

  28. Dominic says:

    This is the best show package I have seen this season The cards really showcase the talent very individual to each girl standouts for me are Jessiann, Chanel, and Lakshmi of course but I also like clara, amparo,Jeanne and Barbora I’m keeping my eye on those girls! at any rate Ford did not disappoint with this stunning line up WELL DONE!!

  29. Kk says:


  30. Hillary says:


  31. Martin says:

    This show packge is stunning!!!!!!!
    I LOVE Flavia, Lakshmi, and Yuliana!!!

  32. kim says:

    I totally agree with Hillary, quality is better than quantity. Seems to me like there are waaayyyyyy too many girls in this package, will be nice to see Ford choose fewer girls for the following season. They have a few amazing girls and some new girls with great potential however is kinda information overload doing a package with such an inflation of girls.

  33. Cole says:

    That is a horrible second photo of Iman. Go Iman, Flavia, and Yuliana!!!

  34. Gillian says:

    I agree too many girls, the stars are Flavia, and Yuliana!!
    cant wait for shows.

  35. Martin says:

    Yuliana is so cool!!!

  36. Natalia says:

    exciting package!!! Lots of European girls (no surprise) but I am excited to see some American beauties like Jeanne Johnston and Clara Buchanan and of course the Star miss Chanel Iman!!! In a season where American fashion shines (its New York fashion week after all) it’s nice to see girls of this quality WAY TO GO!!!

  37. Yuli says:

    Absolutley FANTASTIC! Classic Ford ladies the whole bunch. Very exciting to see so many high caliber newcomers the scouting reach of this powerhouse knows no bounds

  38. Jane says:

    I am excited to see Amparo Bonmati in fashion week, great promiseee!!

  39. Jane says:
  40. ann says:

    a carol thaler é LINDA!

  41. camila says:

    Lindaaaaaaaa foto!
    quem dera eu num ensaio como este!!!
    tudo de bom a moça!

  42. camila says:


  43. Rakel says:


  44. Mara says:

    Go Amparo Bonmati :) Great showcard!

  45. Cassandra says:

    I saw Yuliana at Rachel Roy presentation, divine, first girl!
    She looked the best, cant wait to see her at the shows
    GO FORD!

  46. Antares says:

    I saw the website of the photographer of Barbora Pracharova (n.20) , Mia Mirrelli … the original photos is in colour.. and i think it is better than b/w.
    Take a look , http://www.miamirrelli.com/portfolio?type=portret#

  47. Mark says:

    Barbora Pracharova… the Best!

  48. Antares says:

    Yes! I know the photographer :) Mia Mirrelli, she is great… but the original photos of Barbora (page 20) is in colour … and it is better ..take a look here http://www.miamirrelli.com/portfolio?type=portret#

  49. Amanda says:

    this model is absolutly stunning she is amazing!

  50. HARDY says:


  51. Shiyo says:

    The Next Gisele!!!!!!!!!! = Flavia de Oliveiro!!!!!!!

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