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  1. BRUCEGISELE says:

    Thiago is going to be dream booker, his smile lights up the room.

  2. BRUCEGISELE says:

    sorry, he is going to be a dream to book. very unique

  3. Michael says:

    Love them!

  4. Alex says:

    isnt this guy from make me a supermodel…??

  5. asyraf says:

    I hope Dennis Johnson gets more recognisable.

    BTW, hate the swirls. It’s so amateur looking. It’s like a last minute job when someone suggested making the showcards more “interesting”, so off to photoshop they went and the results are disappointing.

  6. green says:

    Asyraf I agree, the swirls kind of ruin the look for me…
    And alex, I think like 3 of those dudes are from that show
    make me a supermodel

  7. green says:

    Yep, Ronnie, Perry, and Casey are from make me a supermodel

  8. burlesque says:

    What happened to Dennis, had a nice start and buzz? europe gave him no love this time around…hmm

  9. starletta says:

    ..easy come easy go???

  10. C-la-Créative says:

    I totally agree with asyraf and green. I don’t lika thes cards, too. I don’t like the swirls, the font and the colours of the frames! I mean it looks like I would have done this with my paint-program!
    What a pity – the guys are good!

  11. Fashion savvy says:

    Aww how cute, they sent the cards in NY Models boxes of chocolates for valentine’s day. Maybe the swirls on all of the cards are supposed to be chocolate or candy swirls?? Why are people complaining about the cards… what could be better than hot guys and chocolate?

  12. Ruth says:

    i’m with michael, LOVE them!
    very playful, and creative!!!

  13. Frog Pad says:

    from first glance did not seem like a chocolate box. Until i reached the last card. It was slightly confusing for such a great board of guys. Preferred last seasons cards! oh well looking forward to seeing next season.

  14. jasoninpa10 says:

    Where is Mathias? Why is he not listed here?

  15. !! says:

    mathias doesnt do nyfw, he dislikes it :)

  16. Kevin says:

    Don’t be so anal he is JUST a MODEL ,,,,paid to wear the cloths,

  17. The Netherlands says:

    OMG, WOW!!!

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