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  1. jason KANNER says:

    Looks so strong..so happy for Lana

  2. chris says:

    Lana You are great, and those guys are all HOT!

  3. a.s. says:

    i would think that Rogier is her biggest star right now, though they could’ve used a better picture of him.
    it pains me to say but Nicks star is falling and he might have brought it up on himself.
    Cesar and Robbie are great and seem to be doing great this season.

  4. Alex says:

    Go Go Lana:) the guys are just amazing.

  5. alex says:

    Where is David F.?

  6. its show time says:

    Thomas is their winner!!!
    They do good in NY for shows….

  7. Kim says:

    Sean O. is absolute perfection. The boy is flawless!

  8. Gustavo says:

    I havent seen Nick in a while! What happened to him and Ryan Taylor?

  9. shabla says:


  10. burlesque says:

    unfortunately, in my opinion, edgy boys are a season or two especially when they do a Prada early in the game, they get over exposed.
    Nicks shows appear to have tappered off the last two show seasons. Perhaps as he matures physically he can do a come back….

  11. evan monaco says:

    Gustavo says:
    January 28th, 2009
    at 6:45 pm

    I havent seen Nick in a while! What happened to him and Ryan Taylor?


    Ryan is a top guy and I tell you he wil do somthing HUGE in his life if he stays a great guy ;-)

  12. Keith G says:

    Lana and her team at VNY always work it out. In all the top shows, there’s always a great representation of her models.

    Personally, I’d watch Edward Barber–great face from London–

  13. dru says:

    where’s zedneck?

  14. Al L. says:

    Lana, the guy’s and cards are great.

  15. lanku says:

    I havent seen Miss Nick around, whats up with that

  16. Gerard says:

    So over Sean Opry, looks like the same in everything………..my bet is on Gherhard and Helge winners for certain!!!!

  17. Karen says:

    Danny Schwarz and Jamie Jewitt are my favorites, i also like the look of Ollie edwards too. I tend to like the english ones, i don’t know why?

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