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  1. Alina says:

    LOVE the Union girls!!

  2. yama says:

    Debora Muller=#1 all time!!!

  3. amby says:

    Union listed 2 Next Top Models girls and they’re both very promising! Tamara Weijenberg from Holland is the 2011 winner and Saara Sihvonen was the 2010 finalist of Finland’s edition

  4. Mike says:

    KAT CORDTS looks so amazing. Saw her in the VOGUE ITALIA.
    This is a star girl!!!

  5. princess says:

    wow Carolina is cool, and Marikka looks strong, good show pack Union

  6. Anna says:

    Hope Anne Kruger comes to town = she’s wonderful!!!

  7. Hedi says:

    Wow! Nice show pack! Some Dutch girls looking wonderful as Usual. LOVE LOVE LOVE Josephine and Sarah van den Brink. Can’t wait to see them in action…

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