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  1. N.S. says:

    I mean… She is beyond belief. Her and Lara are from another dimension.

  2. Kar-Azizi says:

    Somebody please give Paul Rowland a job at Vogue
    Absolutely fabulous
    I’ve been eagerly waiting for it since Theimagist.com made mntion of it

  3. IrvingLorenzo says:

    WHOA! Just WHOA. This is not amazing. This is not great. This is not astounding. This is BREATHTAKING. Seriously. I mean, last season’s showcards were already uber-beautiful and they somehow managed to do it again. I’m loving this theme thing going on with Supreme. First the Indian-inspired theme and now Arabian nights? Just truly out of this world. The guys at Supreme are definitely CREATIVE and put a LOT (and I mean A LOT) of effort into making these and not just shooting the models in a studio or pasting photos from eds or something.

    Eventhough some people might think that a lot of money shouldn’t be wasted on comp cards but I truly think that Supreme is putting a lasting impression on their marketing strategy for the upcoming fall shows. They’ve truly set the bar high for other agencies to follow.

  4. lola says:

    i don’t like it. the thumbnails looked gorgeous, but when i enlarged them i was disappointed by the photos, which in my opinion don’t do the models justice.

  5. Eric Del'Accort says:

    Stunning.. Pauls vision translates into editorial bliss.

  6. kurt vonnegut says:

    wow, hanne’s, rachel a’s, vika’s are jaw dropping, but really, they’re all so gorgeous. mr. rowland has a wonderful creative vision for supreme, something i greatly appreciate.

  7. red says:

    wow, i am speechless, these cards are works of art. the poses, lighting, colour, mood, and cropping are really well done. again, beautiful!

  8. Ray says:

    what a great great idea !!! supreme is definitely the best agency right now !!

  9. JB says:

    i thought addison gill the new contest winner would be in the showpackage… but THIS IS AMAZING!!!

  10. JASON KANNER says:

    Look closely and you will see Chad White in some of these incredible images.

  11. jonny says:

    i would love to see Paul work in Muse magazine !!! a wonderful creative vision

  12. MM says:

    Doesn’t anyone notice the complete lack of diversity at Supreme? I feel like I’m taking crazy pills. Ever since 2003 when Paul Rowland cut every single girl who wasn’t white, the agency has been lauded as this amazing avantgarde, arthouse creation. I honestly think the emergence of Supreme as one of the “best” agencies in the business has had a direct correlation with the dwindling appearance of non-white models.

  13. N.S says:

    Easily among the best show packages ever. Brilliabt styling, brilliant photography and briliiant modeling.

  14. russabella says:

    amazing vision…but not perfectly ripe.

  15. rrraul415 says:

    I appreciate the vision! What is disturbing is that each girl is a size 2…is that the standard for the industry these days? Also, the body types are so disparate in some cases that a size 2 for each seems unbelievable. Is that what some would call a girl’s ‘modeling’ size vs. her real size?? Please educate me.

  16. Georgia says:

    I am sorry but this does not work for me. The concept is great but it overshadows the girls. I can barely distinguish one from the other. Nice idea but bad execution.

  17. ryder says:

    great idea.
    i must say that i liked iris and dasha the best :)

  18. michael says:

    definitely creative

  19. Thom says:

    Best shots of Daiane Ever.

    I am stunned to hear that each girl is a 2!

  20. londonchick says:

    It’s too much. As a client this would just wind me up. you can’t tell what the girls look like because they are so caked in makeup. Several of the girls have got part of their face obscured. I think Paul Rowlad has gone too far.

    Also I found it weird as well that all the girls were described as a size 2.

  21. ania says:

    pictures are really quite beautiful!! however looking through the same exact concept, lighting, styling, makeup, ext in 55 images bores me!
    anyway, shouldn’t this be about the girls not the agent/photographer????
    this definitely is not about the girls!!!!!!!!!!

  22. www.ivanmunic.com says:

    This is beautiful, and the photos are absolutely gorgeous, the theme works so well, and portrays all the Supreme girls as the ultimate choice for any casting director.
    I don’t agree with the people here who say that the styling and the photography overtake the models, as this really shows how versatile and classy all these girls are. But I would say that this focuses more on the editorial quality of the Supreme girls than the catwalk flare they all possess – but it’s not at all inappropriate for a show card collection, as all these aspects of modeling depend on each other and intertwine all the time. This is not just a simple collection on showcards – this is an investment in the overall image of the agency and all the girls signed to Supreme.
    Supreme keeps making steps in the right direction.
    This is truly exceptional!

  23. pony says:

    i agree with you ivanmunic.com. this is something totally different, it shows editorial quality of each girl, and it is most definetly a good investment. Originality first. do we need to see girls test on show card or scaned editorial?
    what surprised me the most, is that paul did the shoting himself. this also show a different side of him as well.
    i hope this will start a new and impoved era of showcards, or at least impact others.

  24. www.hypechic.blogspot.com says:

    Daiane,Ana Claudia she is perfect!


  25. sabel says:

    SIMPLY FANTASTIC…A trend setting agency that keeps consistency and outstanding show cards every season. Paul keeps the inspiration and produces legendary work.
    I see the RE:Quest men have made cameo apprearances in the cards…
    Another agency of outstanding work and dedication!

  26. http://web.mac.com/chriswyong says:

    This is one of the most thought-through show package I’ve seen in a loooooong time… especially at this difficult time…

  27. Y. says:

    I am sorry but this does not work for me. The concept is great but it overshadows the girls. I can barely distinguish one from the other. [2] :/

  28. Model Whispers says:

    What happened to Timoxa and Olesya?

  29. chris says:

    yes for every girl being size 2! suvi..fierce! daiane…firece! alana…fierce! hanne…fierce! behati…fierce! alyona…fierce! kudos to supreme model management! i live for it!

  30. Justine says:

    I think they look great BUT not for showcards. The models are caked in makeup or have some sort of non-fitted attire. You don’t know what their faces or bodies look like! Size 2 what!? a+ on the packaging!

  31. krista says:

    Supreme’s showcards are always divine.
    My absolute favorite agency.

  32. peter says:

    justine, maybe you should do a little research about what people wear in morrocco and check the reference of the show package idea before you
    open your ingnorant, uninformed mouth.
    also, check what sample sizes are with designers and you will be see size 2 is a standard size. obviously, you are not “in the buisness” and speak out of your ass. DON`T BE BITTER BE BETTER…..
    maybe go to the gym it`s a new year and i`m sure you will feel better
    at a size 2.

  33. yvann says:

    wawwwwwwwwwwww !!!!!! Love this package !!! great job !! it’s amazing !!

  34. SHIRAZ says:


  35. kristy says:

    great idea! supreme has style!

  36. Ryan Clark says:

    who cares about seeing the girls- look at the polaroids. this is about turning something mundane into fun. go paul.

  37. Mike_Koqsolong says:

    Great if it were a magazine!!! But they’re show cards!!!!
    Someone needs to get over herself, REALLY.
    What is Supreme about anyway? Paul R. or the girls? Great girls, if only I could see past the smoke and narcissistic mirrors.
    Where are the GIRLS???? Isn’t that the point?

    As a client, I feel it’s a waste of money, especially in this economy.
    * careful or The President might spread your wealth around.
    Just a waste of my time and the girls’ opportunity to be seen.

    Or is this the agent’s opportunity to be seen as a photographer for his next career move at the girls’ and agency’s expense?

    Just my two cents.

    Other than that, they are pretty. Very pretty!

  38. larry says:

    i think mike should open his own agency and do his own thing instead of
    hating on someone who is more talented than he could ever dream.
    in terms of seeing the girls…these girls work with everyone in the world, therefore everyone knows who they are.
    mike is an insecure loser,bitter that he could never be a force in anything.
    i think paul doesn`t give a fuck what you or anyone else thinks. he beats to a much different drummer.

  39. Xnarzi E. says:

    Was looking forward to seeing Rose Cordero/ La Rosa Negra is not walking this can’t wait to see her strut down the runway ecspecially after her daily feed debut

  40. dharmesh sony says:

    greet site good site

  41. Natalia says:

    To rrraul415; In regards to the whole size 2 bit – They’re all supposed to be a size 2. It’s runway/industry standard. It may sound disturbing however it is a perfectly reasonable size for runway models (better than a size 0!). Remember that the shows are about the designers/clothes not so much about the models. The reason being is because back in the days of the Supermodel i.e. Linda Evangelista, Heidi, Naomi etc, most of them were curvy and people paid more attention to the women and their bodies than the clothes. The spotlight was always focused on the models and not on the creativity of the designer. So now models are thinner so the focus can be on the garments.
    As for the showcards – props to Supreme. During the time of the recession some agencies (you can look for yourself) have put less detail and overall effort into the cards to save money. Whereas even though we are in hard times, Supreme still manages to produce beautiful and captivating showcards that deserve appreciation from all.

  42. Alex Maxim says:

    Wow! Very beautiful photographs!

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