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  1. Kimflorida says:


  2. Kimflorida says:


  3. Melt says:

    OO i’m going to die , where is SIGRID AGREN ? Oo oh oh nooo , where is she ? i saw a picture of the carolina herrera runway’s board , she was there :s and what about Karmen ? ( sorry if my english is bad )

  4. fbored says:

    If Sigrid and Karmen are doing the shows, they’ll do them. The agencies often don’t do showcards for their top girls ater they’ve attained a certain level of success. Doesn’t mean they are skipping the shows. At worst, it means they are doing only a select number of shows and no longer going from casting to casting to casting.

  5. Vanessa says:

    Karmen is doing them guys. We know for sure she will be at Carolina Herrera as she was in the casting picture.

  6. amby says:

    The show package is an homage to Eileen Ford according to @FordModels

  7. Melt says:

    ahh Good to know ^^

  8. Anne says:

    This kind of looks like a wedding invitation…

  9. helena polowski says:

    reina is back? all the best to her

  10. mr says:

    Don’t like this concept- kinda makes all the girls uniform and its too much about the concept and not the girls.

  11. miguel says:


  12. helena polowski says:

    Grace looks drunk

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