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  1. Brandi Benson says:

    Bravo MAJOR! It’s about time! Nice tight, most AMAZING package, the best ever I’ve seen! Can’t get over the selection of girls, they are ALL simply captivating!

  2. Bob c. says:

    Aqua is gorgeous!

  3. Jenna cardwell says:

    Beauty… Simply gorg… Unique… Is she part Asian?

  4. Modeltv says:

    Very diverse look! Can’t wait to see her do runway!

  5. Karla turling says:

    She reminds me of Joan smalls… She’s gorgeous! Has she done any editorials?

  6. John says:

    Beautiful look! She’s definatley one to watch!

  7. Karolina says:

    How old is she? She looks young! … Very cool eyes!

  8. dreamsoflenny says:

    the legs on Carolla holy sweet jesus!!!

  9. Maddy says:

    Love the diversity and love the package

  10. amby says:

    nice and amazing girls with MAJOR!

  11. Larissa says:

    Aqua is a very pretty name! how old is she? She’s beautiful! Is this her first show season?

  12. Kelly r says:

    Definatley have future supermodels in this years package BRAVO MAJOR!

  13. Katie j. Frost says:

    Wow gorgeous girls here! Where’s daniella? I see sessiliee and a few new rising stars! Good job major!

  14. Wowwww says:

    WoW STUNNING FACES! I bet their runway walks are twice as good as their pictures!

  15. Jessica says:

    Nice group of diverse girls! Sessile Alessandra xiao aqua Carolla are beauties!

  16. M. Cardwell says:

    Amazing packages!!! Love the new faces!

  17. Anne w. says:

    Would love to shoot with some of these girls! Such diverse and unique looks! Naro sessile aqua and Carolla would make a great group shot!

  18. Patricia M.G says:

    Carollas legs!!!! :O GORGEOUS GIRL YOU ARE!

  19. Fashion tv says:

    NEW FACES!!! Great job major!!! Will be in ny soon!! Yay FW!!

  20. Kim yeoug says:

    These girls are absolutley stunning! MAJOR IS MAKING THEIR BIG DEBUT! I see supermodels in this package!

  21. Nate from next says:

    Such young girls! They have big careers ahead of them! I spot a supermodel amoungst the group ;)

  22. Coacd girls says:

    I see girls who we’ve met earlier! Good luck ladies!

  23. Carlos Rivera says:

    Such beauties!

  24. helena polowski says:

    Why are they calling Sessilee’s eyes Chestnut? they just brown, relax.

  25. Barbaraaa says:

    Major has definatley stepped their game up! Way to go!

  26. Benjamin Delacruz says:


  27. Leo says:

    Amazing presentation of girls!!!!

  28. Kim shields says:

    Aqua reminds me of Kimora! Beautiful… Alex! Gorgeous pictures! Impressed with all the girls! And
    Wow sessileeee! FANTASIC PACKAGES MAJOR! Keeping my eyes out for your girls on the runway this NYFW!

  29. Heels on the runways says:

    LET ME SEE YOUR WALK LADIES! Fantastic package!

  30. Bob says:

    Girls with chestnut eyes are a lighter brown than regular brown eyes… On the bridge of being golden …

  31. Miri says:

    Where is Daniela de Jesus , i think she is the best i love her :(

  32. Mandy says:

    There are more models in the Major show package. You can see the rest at the Major Models Facebook page.


  33. Caleb says:

    She is always amazing :) love Steffie …Well done Major team :)

  34. Anne says:

    Amazing looking girls, love Stefanie’s eyes and legs and Aqua’s new face-
    dislike nude compcards

  35. Darren says:

    WOW!! Major’s strongest show package EVER! Loving Madison!

  36. Kristy says:

    Fantastic show package and Mikaela’s freckles and legs! What a great face.

  37. Jenna says:

    carollas legs! SHES STUNNING! Verystrrong girls…want to see aqua(NEWFACE) in a prada Chanel or wang show! She’s beautiful!

  38. Raule says:

    Daniella ..where is she?! Aqua and Daniella are such exotic girls… So gorgeous! LOVE THE PACKAGE MAJOR! GOOD JOB KATIA

  39. Fashion box says:

    Wow wow wow! Great.. STUPENDOUS PACKAGE! Love these new faces! Aqua… When did she sign with major? Havnt seen her before! She’s a Gem! :) hearing from blogs she’s half black half Japanese? EXOTIC! LOVE IT! … Carollas legs seem to be a topic! CAROLLA IS BEAUTIFUL! Is she a new face? I love the diversity!

  40. Kate deyoung says:

    Is aqua Hispanic?

  41. Emillio says:

    BEST PACKAGE OF ALL AGENCIES! New faces are great!!! GO GIRLS!

  42. Jessica patterson says:

    Aqua is beautiful, I have essence magazine, the issue she was in! She has a wonderful career ahead of her! She reminds me of a young Chanel iman

  43. Modelina says:

    MAJOR! AMAZING GIRLS! Love the new faces! Have my eyes out for your girls!

  44. Lola M. Harrison says:

    Aqua’s a baby! She’s 16 right? So cute! :) gotta love the blossoming supermodels

  45. Dee says:

    Wow … Fashionweek is here! I’m seeing majors girls ALL OVER!

  46. Rick Kilgore says:

    Majors package is better than IMG’s this year! WOW! Accomplishment!

  47. Mitchel says:

    SUPERB JOB ;) love the new girl!

  48. Jeremy says:

    Wow I could use some models for the campaign coming up!

  49. Ginagirl5 says:

    I think she’d be great for Victoria’s secret after seeing her last editorial with Marc b. she’s very expressional and cute!

  50. Hb Henderson says:

    Daniella Sesilee and Aqua are my favorites!

  51. Diane says:

    Come to paris aqua!

  52. Kelly says:

    She has some crazy long hair! Love it!

  53. Fashion edit says:

    Saw some of your girls at FNO

  54. miguel says:


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