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  1. amby says:

    they have some interesting faces i.e Nyamouch, Wendy and Dev

  2. Ayt-Zvbke says:


  3. Victor says:

    Aren’t you missing Dafne showcard? I saw it in their blog and now it isn’t

  4. Junior says:

    Mikaela! Hope she does well.

  5. Hele Ikimotu says:

    I’m really excited to see how well Mikaela will do.

  6. tabitha says:

    ANDREA is so sweet, class, and can STRUT!

  7. ChaCha says:

    Mikaela looks stunning, I hope she does really well!

  8. KRIS says:

    Love FENTON show cards!!!!!!!

  9. alina says:


  10. saff says:

    Mikaela looks like Alessandra in a good way!

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