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  1. legz says:

    Genius – So great to see some stand out packages “IMG”, “ONE”, “FUSION”…this is amazing!

  2. parker says:


  3. holly says:

    Franzi and Elza, sooooooo cool. IMG has the best new girls and the package is the best ever!

  4. lilyd says:

    love this show package! they should sell this coloring book to the public haha there are some awesome faces i like catalina,elza,jess,camilla,and taylor….and liza g?? she switched to img? this shud be exciting i hope fashion week responds to her in a positive way

  5. bamboo banga says:

    Karolijn Zomer is amazing! amazing girl, strong presence, and unique beauty!!! Go Girl!!

  6. Junior says:

    Anmari and Montana!

  7. GP says:

    Awesome package!! so many new girls

  8. Carwoline says:

    No Freja?

  9. scout says:

    Liza Golden?!! Awesome!!!! Hope someone BIG picks up on her!

  10. lilly says:

    go liza!!! so excited for her

  11. amby says:

    wishing IMG’s new girls all the best for the SS2013 show season!

  12. helena polowski says:

    Almost every girl is amazing!

  13. Bill Leslie says:

    what’s with the spiffy random order? alphabetical order is too common for the fashion biz?

  14. miguel says:

    Julija, Basia, Linnea, Jess, etc..

  15. Mitchell says:


  16. Joe says:

    I hope Julija Step and Gertrud have a massive show season!

  17. wilson cunha says:

    Brazilian models rock … Mariane F. and Karina T.

  18. russell says:

    liza golden you go girl!!!

  19. ebencipe says:

    IMG has the best show package.. love the concept!!!! Montana is going to NY Fashion WEek!!!! =)

  20. Miguel Lledo says:

    GO Anmari you will have a massive show season! Mx

  21. amelyy says:

    Karolijn Zomer!!! Go girl! so charismatic on the runway.

  22. jonathon p says:

    loving liza golden.iconic.

  23. Oli says:

    What song is this??

  24. kelsey.k says:


  25. Jill says:

    love the diversity, love the package

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