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  1. amby says:

    Great selection of male models as always even though the show cards doesn’t really interests me

  2. legz says:

    good guys, agreed with you Amby, cards could be better, i’m sure the casting folk know most of these gents…so it doesnt really matter

  3. Ben says:

    LOVE. These show cars are pretty dope. Great selection of boys. Proud of the soul-soldiers :)

  4. Ralph says:


  5. aron says:

    So great .

  6. Eenu Mimaballa-Eto says:

    Best Men’s management in NYC-and that’s a fact jack! Lovely touching tribute as well.

  7. Anton says:


  8. Ema says:

    The best looking guys in the world.

  9. Karin says:

    Indeed the best looking guys in the business. Where is Ben??? We love him!

  10. DT says:

    Looks amazing! Impressive as usual! xo DT

  11. DUNN fans 6.6 says:

    hahahaha in here beautiful

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