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  1. saff says:

    where is fatima siad?

  2. amby says:

    Oooooh!! Loving the combination of black, white, and pastel colors! Liberty Ross is special booking w/ NYMM, perhaps she’ll be gaining attention this #NYFW due to her husband scandal?

  3. Ayt-Zvbke says:

    No Fatima? :(

  4. little dutch boy says:

    NYMM do it again, beautiful design and layout, great balance of girls , current stars and new girls. This is an agency with direction & focus..

  5. Sasha says:

    OMG Liberty Ross !!! love to see her back on the runway ..

  6. miguel says:

    Anniek and Karlina.

  7. AdrU says:

    really really great girls!! but I miss my girl JUANA!!

  8. dylan says:

    I wish all the agencies would post the show packages so…great!!!

  9. Jackie says:

    Nele looks like a top 10 newcomer to me .. stunning and those legs

  10. Jonny says:

    Great package, strong girls. Glad to see Anastasija and Melissa back, great look!

  11. Model watcher says:

    Laura Kampman looks great, hope to see her walk all the top shows..

  12. Joe says:

    I hope the beautiful Sui He rocks this show season!

  13. ChaCha says:

    No Fatima or Marcelina? :(

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