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  1. amby says:

    Wow, surprisingly filled with fresh and new faces.

    Where is Karmen Pedaru and other famous girls from Ford?

  2. Lisa says:

    Wow! Looks like Ford Women has it going on this year! Package looks amazing.

  3. prada says:

    loveeeeeeeee so much great Girls

  4. Melt says:

    I think ” ford women ” and ” ford ” are different , so there might be a show package for ” ford ” division later , hope that Sigrid , Karmen , Ming and Anais and Kate are doing NY fashion week (yn) !!
    ps :sorry for my english

  5. miguel says:

    *HENNA* is my Kirsten Owen.

  6. amby says:

    thank you Melt, looking forward to see Ford’s main board :)

  7. Sarah says:

    these cards look like they’ve been made on paint -_- p.s where’s marina nery…?

  8. Soya says:

    LOOOVE CORA ! where´s stunning anne sophie ??!:O

  9. Lisa says:

    @ Soya Cora is amazing. She is now on Models.com hot list. Watch out! Here she comes.

  10. ebencipe says:

    Is FORD Women a different from FORD? I wonder if Charlene & Danica will walk shows this season??

  11. Maryna says:

    I wonder why Charlene doesn’t have any showcard… :(

  12. Rosag says:


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