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  1. kitkat says:

    all of the big names but are they going to show? haven’t seen hilary, rosie, agyness in a long time! hope to see them this season

  2. amby says:

    YES! The powerhouse names are back! Really looking forward to see Hilary, Karen, Caroline, Agyness, Jamie Bochert and Rosie! Sad that Valerija moved to Elite but hope she’ll be doing great there.

  3. miguel says:

    Alana and Laura, of course. but also Julia and Tamara.

  4. Octavia says:

    There’s no way that Rosie or Agyness are going to be there! What’s the point in these showcards if they’re going to be advertising models that are more than likely to be thousands of miles away. Naughty.

  5. Shoukat Ali Jamali says:

    My uncountable kisses & love for Caroline Trentini

  6. helena polowski says:

    No diversity, this is a shame..

  7. Leon says:

    Love Polina G :)

  8. ebencipe says:

    I wonder if Alice Burdue is still with Elite NY???

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