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  1. Jay Jay says:


  2. aron says:

    so lots of Chinese faces.

  3. Brooke says:

    Kat Niko and Odile!!!!

  4. andrea says:

    incredible girls….. much cleaner than previous seasons…. best girl’s they’ve ever had!!

  5. Saint Models Jamaica says:

    Go Ashane and Orneila….Rock it out for Jamaica for Spring Summer 2013…Love Alek and Grace too…MUSE ROCKS….

  6. Kris says:

    GRACE, ALEK, VIK, AUTUMN holy cow. AMAZING!!!!!

  7. Saint says:

    Jamaican Beauties Ashane and Orneila will do us proud for Spring Summer 2013….rock the runways for Jamaica 50….love Alek and Grace Bol….ROCKING MUSES!

  8. Klaudia says:

    Dobrawa !!!!

  9. robbbbb says:

    consistency love it. definitely mannequins. boring but whatever its simple. Emina/ Masha. stuuuunnersss. ugh i want to be a pretty girl someday. maybe sunday. hmmm

  10. PJD says:


  11. matsu says:

    I love the fact that there’a a lot of Chinese models rofl!

  12. amby says:

    EMINA CUNMULAJ!? I’m dying to see her making a HUGE comeback!!! Hopefully #SS2013 will be HER SEASON!!!!

  13. crystal says:

    The show card design could be better, but I love Alek.

  14. Natalie says:

    Love Alek!! and Sara, Lexi, Kat! The design is simple and straight forward. Just what we need to see. Way to go!

  15. GP says:

    Love those Asian faces!

  16. Victor says:

    Mexican power right there! Cristina Piccone, absolutely gorgeous & MUSE has an amazing package of girls!

  17. Ed Choi says:

    There is one Korean girl called Lee.. Her full name is Yeseul Lee..

  18. miguel says:


  19. Patrice says:

    OMG,Love Anouk, what an amazing fashion beauty! High potential!

  20. helena polowski says:

    Ashane and Dinara is on my list

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