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November 15th, 2008 by betty | Girls, Industry News, Model News
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After weeks of speculation about who would end up in the much anticipated Victoria’s Secret 2008 fashion show, 35 of the world’s most beautiful models strutted down the runway for the iconic brand. For years Victoria’s Secret has played an integral role in turning models into supermodels. From Gisele Bundchen to Heidi Klum, VS has a habit of taking girls to that next level and making them household names. Which of this year’s new angelic faces will stand the test of time and become the stuff of modeling legend? Only time will tell. (See below for this year’s full list)

» update: view the VS Backstage coverage here

(In picture) Victoria’s Secret supermodels (L-R) Selita Ebanks, Adriana Lima, Heidi Klum and Alessandra Ambrosia arrive by yacht to the legendary Fontainebleau Miami Beach November 14, 2008 for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. The taping this weekend will be aired December 3, 2008 on CBS.  Photo credit: TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP/Getty Images)

1-Adriana Lima– Contract Model

2-Alessandra Ambrosio– Contract Model

3-Doutzen Kroes– Contract Model

4-Karolina Kurkova– Contract Model

5-Heidi Klum– Contract Model

6-Marisa Miller– Contract Model

7-Miranda Kerr– Contract Model

8-Selita Ebanks- Contract Model

9-Abbey Lee Kershaw

10-Ana Beatriz Barros

11-Anne Vyalitsina

12-Angela Lindvall

13-Arlenis Sosa

14-Behati Prinsloo

15-Candice Swanepoel

16-Carmen Kass

17-Caroline Winberg

18-Clara Alonso

19-Edita Vilkeviciute

20-Emanuela de Paula

21-Erin Heatherton

22-Flavia d’Oliveira

23-Inguna Butane

24-Isabeli Fontana

25-Izabel Goulart

26-Julia Stegner

27-Lara Stone

28-Lindsay Ellingson

29-Maryna Linchuk

30-Morgane Dubled

31-Noemie Lenoir

32-Rosie Huntington

33-Sarah Stephens

34-Sessilee Lopez

35-Shannan Click

(In alphabetical order. List of models courtesy of John Pfeiffer on behalf of Victoria’s Secret)

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  1. kelly says:

    thank you for posting this

    and i love

    Arlenis Sosa , Sessilee Lopez and Emanuela de Paula

    and all the Contract girls

  2. britt says:

    why is Izabel Goulart not a contract model

  3. maxine says:

    Fantastic casting! Looks like all the new girls nailed it and classed it up. (although I haven’t seen showpics of Arlenis yet??) Can’t wait to see the video!

  4. dodo says:

    Woohooo… lots of my favourite girls there :D

    Gotta see it !!

  5. treceykwun says:

    Sessilee and Arlenis, yay!

  6. B says:

    Doutzen and lara (L)

  7. Julian Van Witturen says:

    The list fo models seems amazing, but I just hope that organizers give to them strict instructions to avoid the regrettable cheerleaders-circus-show of last year. Of course, I can understand that VSFS is something more than models walking on the catwalk, but the show should not lose the sense of glamour and elegance of other years.

  8. nino says:

    why is there no asian girl at the VS shows?

  9. BAR says:

    where are the others!!!

  10. Ryo says:

    This is absolutely Sessilee’ year. She’s must now be considered the breakout star of 2008.

    Go Sess!!!!

  11. JZ says:

    I love the fun spirit of the show. It’s not a high fashion stern show. The girls should be playful, fun and fierce.

    All of the girls looked amazing. The pics coming out of Sessilee look fantastic!

  12. Chica says:

    Sexy Sessilee – Viva La Lopez!

  13. ryder says:

    excited to see abbey. but even more s.lopez.

  14. Erin says:

    Like someone above mentioned … Why is Izabel not a contract model any longer? I thought they would have had her contracted for quite sometime just given how popular she is/was … She’s the only one thats been on Conan several times & comes across as the most personable

  15. Shivandi says:

    No Andi Muise :(

  16. RandomGuy says:

    So I love Sessilee even more now. When I first heard she was going to be in the show, I was like why? I don’t know about her for VS, but Sessilee did an excellent job. Love Sessilee.

    And Candice and Edita….2 knock outs. So far VSFS looks like it was one of the best in a while.

  17. Indigo says:

    Lovely cast but I agree with nino; why no asian angels?!

  18. muns says:

    To britt and Erin:

    I read Izabel broke her contract with Vs VERY recently. Google it :)

  19. DooDiva says:

    That list is rightfully to select specific models for this hot sexy company.

    A few asked why there no Asian angels? No offense to Asian community, I don’t think they are that sexy. But, they are truly beautiful, not sexy. That’s different project for this.

    Hard to find Asian model who has ability to do that. Most Asian models look too high-fashion without oomph.

    Only two I can think of.

    Well, let’s congratulation them for made a list!

  20. I_am_u says:

    Maryna looks beyond G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S at the show, she’s a GODDESS.. i definitely going to watch it bec. of her..

    Maryna for V.S Angel, please.. ;b

  21. Seanicia says:

    finally, Carmen come back to the show Ya~

  22. Toni K says:

    Great, Sarah Stephens directly to VS shows. Great new talent, genuine beauty. Abbey Lee was a surprise – but nice step as well. With Victoria’s Secret it’s about great personality as well, so miss Kershaw will be on the righ stage.

  23. Alla says:

    Where’s Naomi??

  24. photorama says:

    can’t wait to see Lara Stone and Sessilee!

  25. Guadeloupe says:

    I’m happy to see Arlenis and Sessillee among this year’s beauties! But why didn’t cast any Asian girl, not even a token one?! Victoria Secret obviously doesn’t care about Asian money AND Asian clients for that matter. When oh when will they ever learn……

  26. Cool says:

    Everyone on every site is talking about Sexy Sessilee’s amazing performance at the show! Si, Viva La Lopez!

  27. lubo says:

    As far as i know, “Asian money AND Asian clients” dismiss VS because its too commercial and rather go high end. plus, who cares… its VS.

  28. Kim says:

    A great group of girls. However, as far as Asian faces (not sure WHICH part of the large continent of Asia people are referring to), beauty is in the of the beholder, and it’s obvious that some people’s perception of “sexy” doesn’t include women with an “Asian” background. And perhaps VS doesn’t feel the need to market to that particular demographic. In my opinion, VS is missing the boat here and it pleases me that some people are taking notice.

  29. RandomGuy says:

    *rolls eyes* @ Doo Diva. I know your not trying to insult, but that comment is innately offensive. . . .

  30. ferguson says:

    Can’t wait to see Arlenis! Love her smile and genuinely positive energy. Brava! to the next Gisele!

  31. Nik says:

    I’m all for affirmitive action and all, but why is it when anything big goes on in fashion (VS show, Prada show, V Sept. cover) everyone starts throwing the “race/color card” out? It shouldn’t be about that at all. As model lovers, I think we have obtained enough knowledge of current “IT” girls in the markets (high fashion/mass market/sexy) to know who should be on the VS runway. And I love Asian models myself (Du Juan, Hye Park, and Song are my fav’s), but if none fit the bill….. I would think of the 35 girls in the show as being WHAT THE CASTING DIRECTORS AT VS WANTED. I don’t think it’s fair to cast a model just to have a Mexican, a African American, a Russian girl, or an Asian girl. And this is Victoria’s Secret folks. Every model is not VS material.

  32. Kim says:

    But Nik, you’re missing the point. If no one speaks up, the “it” girls that the casting directors choose would be a constant stream of European blondes. Perhaps Du and Hye don’t fit the bill, but there are a gazillion other Asian women that DO.

  33. Juan Lovas says:

    always the same… and c’mon sessilee and arlenis are ok … for editorial shows … but VS…
    and my god freak Flavia doliveira …next time put Masha T … maybe it will be explosive

  34. Nick says:

    What happened to Naomi Campbell

  35. Chance says:

    Juliana Imai, Hye Park, and few others are totally VS material.

  36. DooDiva says:

    Nik: I agree with you on that one.

    Random Guy: Oh, I’m sorry to hear that you felt offense by my remarks. It’s not end in the world for any model who hadn’t made it on list.


    Oh, yeah I’m so thrill to see newbies like Sessilee Lopez, Arlenis Sosa, and the others on the show. :)

    I’m sure they must be exciting to be part of it! Thumps up to them!!

    Betty: I agree with you on that words: Only time tell will. Well done, you’ve fabulous research on this company. ;)

  37. Ambigous says:

    No Asians or Mexican models good enough for VS? protests!!!

  38. Ambigous says:

    Natalia Vodianova is the ultimate VS girl. haunting, cherubic, innocent, devilish, pure, sexy, that girl can do whatt you ask her to do…I don’t know why she can’t walk, maybe its contract issues. Where’s Hillary Rhoda and Catherine McnNeil, those two are more beautiful than the current batch. Hillary Rhoda has one of most Gorgeous face in modelling ever, and her body is voluptous….She’s more beautiful than Heidi(duh!), Doutzen or Adriana Lima……When is Heidi gonna retire? Isn’t she due last year?…………hang the panties while on top, Heidi.

  39. Fairy says:


  40. RAFIQ says:

    As an Australian i am very proud that Abbey lee kershaw has made it to become a Victoria secret girl although my stand out pick would of been catherine mcneil she has more VS quality…. having said that ABBEY LEE we fukn LOVE you!

  41. Adam says:

    I loveeee Marisa Miller for VS.. She has the perfect hourglass body. And she’s a native Californian such as myself. ;)

  42. m!gueL says:

    wow! a mix of veteran, middle ins and fresh newcomers! I’m happy Inguna, Maryna and Isabeli are on the show! I miss Inguna this Spring 2009 Fashion week.

  43. y0 says:

    why is JESSICA STAM NOT on the list?! *hhhmmm*

  44. Ambigous says:

    Is it true, that the reason why the sexy and always the star of the show, Izabel Goulart wasnt given an Angel status is because, some Angel or Angelzzz pulled a “It’s either her or me” and they went for seniority? I mean it makes sense, who’s Iza to turned down the most lucrative deal on earth, right?

  45. Ah-reum says:

    I love Heidi Klum~!!
    She is proud

  46. lulu says:

    where’s jessica stam???
    i think vs is trying too hard to break into the high fashion world by listing a lot of gorgeous high fashion model like lara stone and others….

  47. Natalia says:

    Amibguous that is not true – or prhaps it is but I highly doubt it.
    The reason why Isabel wasn’t given angel status was because she chose to do the Armani Exchange/Emporio campaign instead of remaining exclusive to VS.
    You can read it all here:
    or just google it.
    I think VS is just trying to get some new girls in as well. Just to keep things interestingg and to give other girls a chance and see how the public react to them. Otherwise it would get dull if they kept the same girls. Time to switch things up people. A little change enver hurt anybody!

  48. Monica says:

    I love that sessilee is with kanye west….they are so cute together spotted them together last night match made in heaven…
    And didn’t sessilee get chosen to be the new angel for vs somone said they may buy her boobs

  49. er says:

    im never fond of VS shows, really, hahaha… anyways im glad that arlenis and sessilee were there!

  50. Raquel says:

    Asians are not curvy enough for Victoria’s secret…duh.

    Yay for Alessandra…she just had a baby and she looks amazing!

  51. I KNO FASHION says:

    GISEL BUNDCHEN, TYRA BANKS, ADRIANA LIMA, and ALESANDRA AMBROSIO are the best VS models in their, o and dont 4get bout HIEDI KLUM

  52. alirast says:

    gotta see it zzzzzexy

  53. Emir says:

    I wish the they put a great line up such as having marija vujovic, natasha poly, oluchi… not just fancy it girl of the day…

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