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November 13th, 2008 by doshka | Boys, Model News, Model of the Week
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  1. hpb_ysl says:

    wow…a beautiful man that actually looks like a man! what a concept!

  2. ryder says:

    m4 is seriously doing a good work. great face, and that “man” attitude. image is perfect.

  3. Ray says:

    nice creature !!

  4. bellz says:

    creature, he’s just a boy. I think he will do fine if he keeps wearing underwear.

  5. raie says:

    hmmmmmm nice ;)

  6. Matthew says:

    Very handsome :) people have always thought that im capable of modelling, but guys like this remind me im not ahaah

  7. isela says:

    dammmmm dats nice!!!!!!!!!!1

  8. Lynn says:

    OMG!!! if men look that beautiful in Germany I think I will start planning my move there very soon:) He is gorgeous! I wish him all the best

  9. craig says:

    too good to be true

  10. Sam says:

    It is true, he is that gorgeous! No photoshop master or magician can create a man that beautiful. This guy is stunning! gorgeous!

  11. Cheriese says:

    Perfection is still not describing this hunk!!
    I’ll have your babies anyday!!
    Good luck, but you don’t really need it,
    seems like you got it anyway!!
    Girl from SA.

  12. Lala says:

    He´s finishing school this year and is going to play in the german basketball league after that.
    There goes the high fashion career :((

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