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October 17th, 2008 by betty | Model News
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Kiki/Elite Barcelona. Pols courtesy of Elite Barcelona

Intriguing new faces keep rising on OTM’s radar despite the heavy wave of newcomers we’re still processing from the SS 09 shows. Elite Barcelona’s lithe Kiki is one of the first!

Kiki, 17 years old, 5’11” from China, currently in Barcelona.

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  1. Ray says:

    oh god she’s fantastic !! she’s the chinese version of cindy crawford !! and those lips

  2. Arthur says:

    this is why i love Barcelona FC. kidding, she looks so babyish…

  3. Philippe says:

    omg this girl is simply stunning

  4. Michael says:

    Loved this one at Gaultier. Such a fresh choice, for such a particular and specific fashion brand. New York is calling Kiki…

  5. ryder says:

    go china!

  6. photorama says:

    her face just says Elite, without a doubt an Elite girl!

  7. DooDiva says:

    She is little bit of have Chanel Iman face with Cindy Crawford mode.

    Good choice, though.

  8. Manu_el says:

    Simply gorgeous, especially in that 1st pic

  9. Chris says:

    WoW… WoW… WoW… FiNALLY an Asian girl is rocking the newcomer list! Great choice, models.com! She’s indeed the NEWEST of the New ;-) There’s something so serene and haunting that those lazy eyes exuberates, and those amazing lips! She’ll be Du Juan’s successor… can’t wait to see a spread of them together!

  10. Momo says:

    she is simply fantastic.
    im growing my hair out just
    from seeing these pictures.

  11. MDC_355630 says:

    She’s lovely!

  12. Ryan says:

    Woooow China’s been on fire lately for models

  13. Jane says:

    Nice find! She’s gorgeous.

  14. mark says:


  15. C. Baxter says:

    simply gorgeous

  16. TORI_S says:

    BEAUTIFUL!! shes a natural

  17. poo says:

    Amazing. So sexy. Just perfect. I can’t gush enough.

  18. Eun seam Cho says:

    She looks like ‘seo gi’, chinese actress.

  19. Charley says:

    the most beautiful asian face i’ve ever seen, look at her lips…. just a kind of perfection :)

  20. charlotte sometimes says:

    work it mama!

  21. Tilde Mariann says:

    Go China!

  22. kimi says:

    She’s gorgeous,I love her,I’m so proud that I am a Chinese too

  23. vickiduke says:

    I like her look.Is she from HongKong?

  24. Stella says:

    ^^She’s from Sichuan-Province. She’s very beautiful!

  25. kimi says:

    sichuan-Province? Oh God !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I Love Her!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. kimi says:

    She makes me CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. kimi says:

    She looks so mature

  28. kimi says:

    I can’t belive that she is 17 years old


    I like asian model because they look amazing but in this case eventhough KIKI is really cute she seems too young & seems fragile to handle with the work but I might be wrong I don’t see in front of me Someone who is confident about herself and that’s what I don’t like!

  30. nko says:

    If you like Kiki, you gotta see Alexus-Gale at Mainline Models.

  31. D. says:

    I LOVE HER already

  32. chu says:

    god. cant wait to flip through a magazine and see her soon¬ so many imports from china recently!none fail to impress…

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