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Ymre/ Elite Milan, 1 Model Management (NY), Elite: Image courtesy of 1 Model Mangement

By our ordinary standards Ymre Stiekema would have been OTM’s first Top 10 Newcomer out of the box given her Prada Sport campaign with Meisel, her position as opening girl at the SS 09 Prada show and her instant debut on MDC’s Top 50. Like the rest of the world we waited for Ymre to surface in the Paris shows, which she did not thus making that Prada Milan show her rare and exclusive Spring sighting. Which then leads to the speculation, what next for Ymre?

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» View our complete Fashion Week coverage here

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  1. GRubért says:

    SHe’s … JUSt… WOWWW and HOT!! ^^,

  2. photorama says:

    Da-yum!!! GORGEOUS!!!!

  3. Natalia says:


  4. Dorothy says:

    she is gorgeous!

  5. Rodney says:

    Excellent selection

  6. ryder says:

    after Prada?
    the world!!!

    she is stunning!

  7. fashion-stylist says:

    Another Lily Donaldson!!

  8. Alex says:

    Superv, Beautiful girl

  9. maranda says:

    I know her! I competed with her in Prague for the Elite Model Look this April!
    She placed in 2nd but totally deserved 1st.
    I agree with fashion-stylist she remids me alot of Lily Donaldson.

  10. mark says:

    So funny seeing the small image posted up on her I actually thought for a second it was Lily. But she looks more like a young Madonna. She is super pretty. Maybe too pretty. She will bring in the big bucks for you guys over at one. Great find!!!!!!!

  11. felipe ff says:

    Meu deus!
    nunca vi menina mais linda!

  12. Martisha says:

    When I saw this I thought you guys dredged up a picture of my mum in her younger days, LMFAO.

    Absolutely gorgeous!

  13. arvid says:

    deze gaat ver komen ^^!

  14. jen says:

    shes gorgeous luv diz pic pretty gurl.

  15. Calvin Mitchell says:

    Dutch Girl.. She will kick it far. she is just 16 years old..

    Love to see the dutch girls doing it good in fashion
    greetz from holland

  16. martin says:

    quite stunning
    very glamorous
    delicate features

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