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October 7th, 2008 by betty | Model News
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Ash/Models 1. Pols courtesy of Models 1.

Ash Stymest, the 17 year old British sensation not only has his first cover, Vogue Hommes Japan shot by Hedi Slimane; the young drummer and skateboarder was one of the few young men to walk Balenciaga last Tuesday. Another übercool Brit is amongst us!

Ph: Hedi Slimane for Vogue Hommes Japan, editor: Nicola Formichetti.

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  1. Aleksandr says:

    It seems like the fashion industry is becoming more accepting of tattoos and piercings. A while ago, a tattoo usually meant not being able to find much work, but I think this new wave of tattooed and pierced gorgeous guys is refreshing.

  2. CocoDiva says:

    He has a good number of tattoes. Wonder if he has a NY agency, if it’s Red Models. They seem to be quite open to guys with body art. Predictions!!! Predictions???

  3. vic says:

    what agency is he with in New York city?
    would like to know for casting…

  4. ryder says:

    he is far mmore intersting with tatoos.

  5. whoever says:

    he is not going anywhere yet. he is still too young for traveling.
    he is beautiful boy.london is the best place to discover amazing young boys.

  6. alicee says:

    i love him,
    i think he’s really young loooking with a punky side too him..

    i think hes beautiful.
    anyone got his number? haha

  7. someone says:

    im very proud of him. i actuly know him through a friend.
    ive got his number ;) ha

  8. someone says:

    ahah i also know him, he’s a great guy.x

  9. OIOI says:

    A good friend of mine
    Well done Ash Baby

  10. hide says:

    knew him wuìith the dazed & confused cover.
    such a pretty boy!
    hope he becomes more popular!
    kixx from Rome!

  11. Michelle says:

    He’s cuteeeeeeeeeeeee

    Michelle from China

  12. Jackie says:

    he’s beautiful. i want him :( #aloneinamerica someone gimme his # and when i go to england i can marry him and love him forever <3 ;)

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