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  1. miss_catherine says:

    I can’t wait to see the lovely Mathilde on the runway!

  2. photorama says:

    Margaux looks like Doutzen

  3. pony says:

    she remindes me on caroline trentini and alicia silverstone???
    i know i know… but take a better look :)

  4. pony says:

    sorry i meant to say that mathilde remindes me on
    alicia mix trentini.

  5. ryder says:

    margaux is totally like doutzen!

  6. felipe ff says:

    Danny Li,PERFECT!

  7. rachel-NYC says:

    fanny f is something really special.
    what is her full name?
    she looks out of this world!
    im guessing shes a new face, never seen her before!
    anybody know anything about her?

    mathilda, shes cute.

  8. fashion-fever says:

    LOVE LOVE fanny!!!!!!!! AMAZING!!!!!!!
    and danni is devine

  9. rachel-NYC says:

    administrators, i posted a comment now its not here???
    just how amazing fanny f is and if anyone knows anything about her, she must have a thread on fashion spot!?
    mathilda is cute too.

  10. Lexie_C says:

    so gorgeous all of them!!!!!!!!

  11. tipiment says:

    beautiful pictures

  12. cathy- says:

    mathilde did issey miyakey show on tuesday, she was georgous

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