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  1. ryder says:

    i love love love kim noorda’s new hair cut!
    it brings that edgy vibe that she needed so badly.
    i hope to see more of her now.

    zuzana gregorova is a gorgeus girl!

    and my support goes to ali michael.

  2. MDC_342873 says:

    Kim looks absolutely fab. !So does Bette Franke,Some girls get mor
    e beautiful every season !;-)

  3. Natalia says:

    i never knew about viva!
    i feel so embarassed haha
    these girls are just gunna bok book BOOK everything in their paths!

  4. darth020 says:

    I still cant believe Kim and Bette are not in the models top 50 ra
    nking !They are everywhere on the important catwalks and european magazines like
    agazines like french Elle (Bette did a whole issue and cover devot
    ed on her like
    the gorgeous Raquel Zimmerman ,Malgosia Bela and stunning Doutzen
    did before her !),Stella Mc Cartney perfume and beauty campains ,
    Vogue ,Another Magazine , numero ,ID magazine etc.
    .) not to mention Kim Noorda they are both an inspiration and amzi
    ng to work with !) x

  5. Flopper Dopper says:

    Tara looks much older in and she sure looks like her mom in that picture. Seeing Tara on fashion files was so awsome
    she should have a great year you will see Tara doing more runways and more phot shoots in 2009. You go girl :).oxoxo

  6. Alley says:

    Hi Tara i,m one of your fans saw you Toronto at fashion L,Oreal week, you look very good on the runway,hope to see you on more soon.

  7. Lenny says:

    Wow Tara Gill nice to see you are enjoying what you like to do,You look amazing i like that picture of you.

  8. Mark says:

    Wow the more and more i see Tara Gill i am falling for her, she got that look that you cannot forget i mean that sexy look… oooo

  9. Mike and Brenda says:

    She is a beautiful gorgeous girl she reminds me of my beautiful girl that i adore so much. Follow your dreams Tara Gill you will be number one model in Canada some day. You have style

  10. christian says:

    u look great tara

  11. Lily Brown says:

    Ali Michaels!!!! I LOVE her!!!!

  12. Kelly says:

    Tara Gill is amazing girl i’m so excited for her

  13. paco says:

    Romina Lanaro is SO beautiful
    she is form Argentina, like Milagros Schmoll and Cecilia Mendez
    they are a bomb, so cute!
    love them, go argentina!

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