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TEN Model Management

Aline Thiel

Aline Wornath

Amanda Vasconcelos

Andrieli Lisboa


Carolina Pantoliano

Dani Gondim

Diogo Bordin

Fred Marafon

Gabriel Grandi

Gabriela Vilela

Henrique Cavazotti

Indira Carvalho

Lais Oliveira

Leo Fogolin

Leticia Borges

Lucas Mutinelli

Lucas Pacheco

Mateus Verdelho

Nicole Witte

Pamela Schimidt


Sheila Klein

Sofia Krawczyk

Stefani Medeiros

Talita Bruzzi

Ursula Brennecke

Vanessa Cruz

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  1. Not on the guest list says:

    OMG! Carol Pantoliano is back?? Dreaming again on Carol + Daiane duo

  2. Erica S. says:

    Cool,the girls are amazing. But the boys are kinda weak! I’d expect more…go go Ten Models

  3. Sebastian K says:

    Didn’t Trump Model Management in NY do this EXACT same design for their cards last season? kind of a shame you guys would copy them….

  4. Sean says:

    they totally stole the concept for this ENTIRE show package from what Trump last season!



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