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  1. George Brown says:

    Big shout out to photographer and super friend to RED NYC Jon Malinowski (http://jonmalinowski.com)
    for designing these wonderful cards for us. Keep shooting the boys Jon……..you make us look great!!!!

  2. jasonKanner says:

    Looks really good!

  3. tasha long says:

    You all are on RED FIRE!!!

  4. J. Dupont says:

    Sascha looks good in every color. I just saw a preview of some crazy editorial with him (or maybe it is already published and I just missed it). It’s like blue toned or something. Pretty cool. See him on James Alley’s site: http://www.jamesalley.net/sascha

  5. Maoyi says:

    he is my favorite

  6. Alva Page/Runway Coach says:

    Go Red

    I got the wonderful chance to Coach some of RED Male Models and salieu is one of them. Keep Up the Great Work and remember own your walk and make that statement on the CatWalk!

    The Year Of The Walk

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