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  1. raie says:

    i don’t get it these people like boyd and kevin and stuff i thought they in public img men …???o_OP

  2. Izak says:

    woah what is with the Public Image models transferring to Wilhelmina??

  3. MDC_243605 says:

    Howcome everyone is here from Public Image? I visited PI Site and I noticesa ton of missing faces?

  4. ryder says:

    i love the picture choice.
    what a great package. wilhelmina hardly ever disapointes me.
    at least their man division.

  5. Thomas says:

    Look! It’s Wilhelmina Image!

  6. Theo says:

    Yeah, and where the hell is Tyson Ballou also, I noticed him
    missing from the Public Image site. Don’t tell me they
    got fired… ;p

  7. gossipman says:

    a top agent left public image to wilhelmina bringing with him every worth while boy

  8. walter says:

    agent kevin apana switched from PI for wilhelmina and switched the best boys…

  9. ave says:

    ^ Heck yeah!!!

  10. paul says:

    i prefer the twins male models jonathan and kevin

  11. ryan says:

    That’s such a shame that P.I. models transferred here, it’s
    gonna be a blow to the Public Image name, especially
    during the shows.

  12. : ) says:

    YEAH! Mitchell and Buddy! They are such good people. Hopefully they book a lot of shows.

  13. tyrone says:

    Mitchell is the best. End of story.

  14. Davina Sadeghian says:

    i also noticed alot of this guys r on photogenics agency, whys everyone going to whil?

  15. speaker says:

    Public Image is no longer. Chris Forberg closed up shop. Anyone else hear this news?

  16. ryan says:

    Omg no way, that is crazy, this is not how i thought the
    former IMG agency for men was going to turn out. What happened?!

  17. DOMO says:

    Chris is at DNA now :)

  18. s.l says:

    best models were switch to whilemhina!thats great! ryan kennedy has a great face and bone structure is phenomnal.along with taylor fuchs! hopefully we will see more work from them

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