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  1. J says:

    I’m not sure if you can edit this post or not, but its Alex not Alese, Kayla not Katya and Selena not Leticia.

  2. ryder says:

    jenny sweeny what a face!

  3. cami says:

    my baby is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooamazing!

  4. Thom says:

    Kathleen looks like a hit!

  5. photorama says:

    the photography is fantastic! one of the best packages this season!

  6. Ryo says:

    Selena is beautiful!!

  7. NK says:

    wow…olga looked really different but still gorgeous!

  8. BR says:

    wow amazing package! kayla travers and gantz gilles are gorgeoussss i hope they do great this season!

  9. chowchow says:

    Isabella all the way!

  10. pony says:

    lyoka is the best.

  11. pony says:

    amazing shot

  12. Dan Grant says:

    Damn, that Hung Vanngo does fine makeup.

  13. Annett says:


  14. Michael says:

    Kathleen is stunning!

  15. V says:

    Lovely! One of the more inspiring packages, imo.

  16. Christian says:

    wait til you see the London show packs..one in particular will blow these out of the water!

  17. Rafael Menezes says:

    Aline Weber, é nossa, Brasileiraaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!

  18. Rafael Menezes says:

    Só Faltou a Sheilinha Baum

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