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  1. sweetface says:


  2. kang dong woo says:

    wow! korean power! she’s so prety, she has a special face!

  3. kang dong woo says:

    와..누나 정말너무멋지세요..!

  4. Nastya says:

    Trump has some really really great newcomers. If they are managed well, they could have a lot of break through faces. Olya, Ataui, Nicoloe, Fabienne, Magalie, Courtney B, Irina M and Maria B are great.

  5. DooDiva says:

    Trump management does fabulous job to keep superstar models
    going and put some newcomers on the radar in the elite industry!

    Love these show cards! Good job, keep it up.

  6. han jin says:

    canot be better
    she rocked it!

  7. ryder says:

    trump will make some serious top models!

  8. ryder says:


  9. Thom says:

    Olya and Court are jaw-dropping. Trump really has turned it around.

  10. yoohoo says:

    와…누나 진짜 짱이세요..:)

  11. Tina Chang says:

    Courtney is MAJOR!
    We are cheering you on back home here!

  12. Kuzya says:

    Masha&Olya are just gorgeous! Trump will rock this season!

  13. Natalia says:

    Go Magalie!
    Chantale Nadeau girls are the BEST!

  14. Louise says:

    Ataui is AMAZING! Way to go Dwight Agnor! You’ve done it again!
    and Trump models is sure to make her a Supermodel!

  15. gina says:

    Love, love love their girls!
    I have a feeling new girls Ataui Deng, Magalie Daignault,
    and Zuzuka are going to rock it this show season!
    and I still love Atong, Lisa Cant and Siri Tollerod!

  16. Deb says:

    Court rocks NY

  17. Mariie says:

    Ahhhh magalie is really Amazing a never saw a girl like her and she got talent!
    I love her very much!
    J’ai hate de te revoir Mag! Je t’adore
    Mariie MP

  18. El says:

    more and more Russians…what’s up with that? and they are pretty and inspiring faces…i am going there!

  19. girlygirl says:

    Annie! beautiful.. she will go far. nice hire trump

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