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  1. Ray says:

    great pictures, hot boys ! nice work Mr Kanner

  2. doug says:

    no mention of lawrence sters?? afaik he did more shows than any major boy in new york for fw08

  3. Dimitrist says:

    As usual, Major’s men’s division towers over any other board!
    The men are timeless and gorgeous!!!!

  4. Julian says:

    MAJOR! Is correct. The best house in the business. The men are
    amazing and as always, Major dominates the most important ads and edit
    orial of the year always…

  5. poo says:

    Hands down the best guys. It’s just star after star after star. And I love that they’re regular hot, not just model hot.

  6. DooDiva says:

    Wow…Steve Gold is going back to that agency.

  7. BrianB says:

    Great guys and all runway stars. Can’t wait for the shows. Majos
    guys are hot, and you’re correct poo, regular, I wish I could run
    into him on the street hot.Best Men’s Board period.

  8. k.i says:

    cj just became my wetdream…

  9. Williams Model Management says:

    Jason does a wonderful job as always…kudos!

  10. Phina says:

    Davenport twins???

  11. DANY says:

    I love him.hot

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