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February 21st, 2012 by Janelle | Industry News
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  1. Alex Burford says:

    This Girl is GORGEOUS<3 I Love that Red Lipstick<3 Makes Her Lips Inviting and Tasty looking<3.

  2. Paolo Zuf says:

    Oooh My Gold!

  3. Ann Arbor says:

    A bit Brittney Spears looking?
    Not sure if you need all that metal . . .
    that’s so yesterday.
    The lips could be fun . . . a lots of fun . . .

  4. Harry Berry says:

    I love Dhane….

  5. Dru Bru says:

    work I luv DAPHNE.

  6. Alexis says:

    Really not a fan of this look.

  7. Nikonuser says:

    Her lips and eyes are fab, her eyebrows need defining and she needs to loose the metal, thank god there are no lip/ eyebrow or nose peircings.

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