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  1. Maria L Scottini Heiden says:


  2. mario says:

    elite slowly becomes the best Milan agency…Bravo!

  3. James Chalky says:

    I like the company. However, these cards seem ‘harsh’ to me.
    Not sure I could look at lots of them for hours.

  4. MARIA PAUL says:

    Viva Milán. Lieve beautifull !!!!

  5. sabrina says:

    theese cards are neat but also a little weird sort of like good looking mug shots.or wanted posters.

  6. ff says:

    OH SO COCO!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Gorgeus

  7. matt says:

    Sofia Krawzyck is so perfect! I love this girl! Go Argentinian girls!

  8. Claire Simons says:

    Love Marina Heiden!!! She’s just perfect!

  9. First says:

    hiphop beauty

  10. First says:


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