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  1. chris says:

    Some very fresh and nice faces for VNY, what ever happend to their asian model “Tinlee”

    Shes gotten some publicity in asia, and somewhere said she was linked to Zac Efron.

    But what happend to that angel-face, so pure and delicate!


  2. Natalia says:

    They may not have any of the “big names” / “key players (models)” as of now
    but I think VNY will fix that – Susan and Anna *

  3. arcatera says:

    WOW ! Taylor is amazing ! What a face !

  4. morgan says:

    love jourdana! so fresh faced.

  5. lilianne taylor says:

    these show cards remind me of skye nicolas’ artwork. he uses game card iconography in his large paintings and prints:



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