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  1. Malemodelsforever says:

    Fantastic girl! Where does she come from? :)

  2. Monica says:

    Wow, Bettine is just gorgeous,

  3. Xenia says:

    Klara is a joy to work with, and Lauren Burnett is also fantastic. Cheers to MUSE!

  4. APH says:

    Masha is originally from Russia, moved to the Detroit area as a kid. She was actually on MDC when she was 13 if anyone remembers that. I believe her SN was Maria Y. Probably always, but at least at 14 the way she naturally moved for the camera, her grace, instincts and self possession were amazing! She’s also a brainiac, cool and down to earth.

  5. xivera says:

    I love this girl. With out a question Heide Lindgren is best looking model on this pg.

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