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  1. UNBIASED says:

    Beautiful !

  2. ryder says:

    this year marylin has great show cards.
    i just adore how gentle they are as well
    as graceful.

  3. ryder says:

    arlenis and eniko really look great.

  4. Kim says:

    Super amazing. This is a movement…a NATURAL movement with Glynis on the forefront. These shots contain a childlike innocence that I believe this industry and our world is yearning for. Pure and genuine. Way-to-go Glynis.

  5. models says:

    wow! best showcard package i’ve seen in a really long time! jut amazing!

  6. model fan says:

    Incredible! Glynis has presented the models in an elegant and understated manner. The cards are more than showcards, but are works of art. Way to go Glynis! Bravo Marilyn for having the vision to use such a fresh and amazing up and coming photographer.

  7. china doll says:

    It’s not just sell the models out, but also selling the clothes they’re wearing!

    Great job for Glynis & the models!

  8. tig says:

    Amazing, amazing, amazing. So fresh and beautiful.

  9. zara says:

    These are all beautiful, I love the style. How come Irina only has one and everyone else has 2 though? Looks odd.

  10. David Vando says:

    Absolutely Beautiful! What a delight.

  11. mlnltoggi says:

    she has to be ranked on the models.com list!!
    she will be on every designer’s runway!!
    she is dropdead gorgeous

  12. Karrie says:

    it’s absolutely amazing!
    soft and beautiful~
    the best showcard package i’ve ever seen~
    but the style of irina’s one is definitely not the same as others.

  13. Tess says:

    I don’t know what you people are thinking bc this is for sure not the best package
    ever! Have you had a look at the Elite and Supreme show package? Please do bc then
    you will see what a fabulous show package is all about. Not to mention that the Women
    package hasn’t been revealed yet, I am sure they have something amazing as always up
    their sleeve.

  14. betty says:

    If you actually read CAREFULLY, it says: “Marilyn hits the SS 09
    show market with what just might be its best show package ever”.

    The “its” in the sentence refers to Marilyn, meaning we think
    the package is MARILYN’s best show package ever..

    Not the best package ever created. That would be hard to
    measure. It’s like saying we think there is a best photo of
    all time… Impossible to measure.


  15. betty says:

    And Tess..

    I don’t know if you regularly follow our site, but we have
    already posted Elite and Supreme’s package on our site AND have
    written reviews of it; you should read what we wrote about
    theirs, which we also love.


  16. Tess says:

    Hi, betty so nice to meet you, I love your site and often visit it.
    I did have a look at the Elite and Supreme package and I they are amazing
    that’s why I was shocked to see people typing comments that Marylin’s package
    is ‘the best ever’ so I wondered if they have seen Supreme and Elite’s bc I
    personally think theirs is more impressive, but that’s just my opinion

  17. Karrie says:

    when i read your message,i went to have a look of the elite and supreme’s package.
    but after that,the marilyn’s one is still the best showcard package i’ve ever seen!
    of cos,that’s just my opinion too.

  18. dodo says:


  19. Benjamin G says:

    I absolutely LOVE Marilyn’s showcard package…. Personally, I adore Emina Cunmulaj above all! So beautiful and elegant!

  20. J-G says:

    This girl offered me a drink when she worked at Good Fella’s in Athens, Ohio. she made it FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

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